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Syllabus Web Sites Schedule Links NETA Pictures Student Work  
  Judy Woods' Collection
  Catholic Telemedia Network Internet Treasure Hunts for Students
Shakespeare Scavenger Hunt Greek Mythology
Tennessee Scavenger Hunts  

Internet Search and Evaluation

Kathy Schrock Teacher Tools Slide shows for teaching
How To Search the Internet Program created for teachers in Alberta, Canada
Web Search Checklist  
The Spider's Apprentice Your text's guide to searching the web
Evaluating a Site From the Canadian Group

Educator Sites

Women and Technology Article on women losing out on tech jobs  Free email for students and teachers
Scholastic Internet Basics
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators Outstanding Resource for Teachers

School Web Sites

Nelson School Millard Cottonwood
Hamilton School Washington Third Grade
Pomerado School  

Web Site Design

How to.. Microsoft Front Page School Website Design



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