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Digital Photo Project

1.             Insert your floppy disk in the Sony Mavica digital camera.

2.           Take a picture with the digital camera.

3.           View the picture to be certain that it is satisfactory.

4.           Remove your disk from the digital camera.

5.           Insert your disk in drive A of a computer.

6.           Double click on the photo file.  It will look like this:  Mvc-001s.jpg.

7.           Click on the name and rename the photo so that you will recognize the file, which is an image file.  Be sure the name ends with .jpg

8.           Open a Word document.

9.           Write a title for your project and other text you might consider valuable.

10.      Go to the insert button and browse for your photo file.

11.        Insert the photo file.

12.      Size the photo correctly.

13.      Save your document as photo.htm

14.      Open your index.html page and hyperlink Digital Photo to the photo.htm file.

15.      Upload the edited index.htm, photo.htm, and image.jpg files to your web site.