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There are two purposes for this activity. First, the activity seeks to provide students the opportunity to explore legal issues involved in teaching and learning with technology. You will be asked to critically explore ideas presented in web sites provided by the instructor. Second, this activity will provide you the opportunity to experience the cooperative learning instructional strategy called "Jigsaw."


In a Jigsaw activity, students begin work in their base group. Each team member is assigned a specific area in which he or she will become an expert. The experts for each area will meet together in a special expert group to develop their understanding of their assigned area. After students have worked in their expert groups, they will each return to their base group. In the base group each team member will share the expertise that he or she has gained by participating in the expert group.

For this specific activity the team that you have been working with all semester will serve as your base group. Each team member will become an expert on a certain topic by participating in a group made up of students from other teams who have the same topic. After participating in this expert group the team members will return to the base group and share their expertise.


Step 1

Each team should begin by skimming .

Step 2 

Each team member chooses an area in which she will be the group expert.

Fair use: Basic and applied.
Who owns what?How to figure it out and how to change 
Creating multimedia: Fair use and beyond, including courseware contracts.

Copyright in the digital library: Welcome to the center of the digital revolution.

Copyright management: Nobody knows what this is about. Find out.

Licensing resources: The next copyright frontier.

Step 3

Go to your expert group. Follow the procedures outlined for the expert group which can be found under "Expert Group" below. You will work with your expert group during the class time assigned by the instructor.

Step 4 - Group Discussion

It is now time to for each member to share her area of expertise.Return to your base group and share what you have learned in your expert group.Be sure to answer the following question about your area of expertise:

What do you think is the single most important idea from your area? Why do you think this is the most important idea? 

Step 5 - Documentation

Each team will work together to develop documentation showing what they have learned about the impact of legal issues on teaching and learning with technology.You may use any of the tools you have learned to use in this class such as tables or graphic organizers to represent your findings.

Be sure to include information on the following:

What legal considerations will affect your work as teachers using technology?

How you will use this information as teachers?

How will maintain current access to this information?

Send an attachment of the document to each person in your base group and to Dr. Schulz.

Expert Group

Skim your area of the web site.Divide the material into sections for each member to study.Get back together and compile a document that describes the most important ideas included in your area. 

Send an attachment of the document to each member of your expert group and Dr. Schulz.

Return to your group to share what you have learned.


Updated, Spring Semester, 2000

Adapted from Karen Milligan

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