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Graphic Organizer Project


Use Inspiration Software to create a graphic organizer that you will submit on your web site.


1.      Choose a topic related to your planned teaching career.

2.    Plan a lesson or presentation that will require the use of a graphic organizer to communicate information to or from your students.

3.    Choose a format from the templates in open or create your own that will best display the information you choose to present visually.

4.    There are many examples of graphic organizers at the Inspiration web site and in the Inspiration Examples section under Open under File in Inspiration software on your computer.

5.    Design the graphic organizer.  Include graphics in your design.

6.    Highlight and select all of your graphic organizer and copy it.

7.    Paste the graphic organizer into Graphic Organizer page prepared on your web site.

8.    Save.

Example of a graphic organizer used by a teacher to plan an integrated teaching unit.