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Technology Research Project


In this activity you will have the opportunity to develop your technology skills for professional use. Imagine that you have been asked to make a presentation to a group of teachers at a professional in-service session. You will use many of the skills that we have learned so far to create an electronic research presentation. Use the Internet, electronic databases, and journals to research a topic in educational technology. You will use PowerPoint to prepare your presentation and use Microsoft Word to print a bibliography of the references that you use.


After choosing an educational technology topic for your presentation. You will need to find 5 articles:  2 research articles from professional journals; 3 from the World Wide Web. Create a bibliography of your sources following the APA style for references. For help with citing electronic sources, click here.  Each of you will upload five slides and the bibliography to your web site.

Topics and Order of Presentations

1.   1.   1.   Effects of technology on learning  (April 4)

2.   2.   2.   Teaching young children with technology  (April 4)

3.   3.   3.   Teaching middle school children with technology.  (April 11)

4.   4.   4.   Teaching special needs students with technology  (April 11)

5.   5.   5.   Using telecommunications in the classroom  (April 18)

6.   6.   6.   Technology and literacy  (April 18)


Use PowerPoint to prepare a 25 minute presentation of the information that you found. The presentation should be arranged in a logical order that is easy to follow and understand. The major points of your presentation should be supported by the research that you did. The presentation should use an effective screen design with transitions, builds, and clip art used to enhance the topic. You will use Notes Page View to enter what you will say in your presentation. Make sure that almost everything you want to say is printed in your notes, since the presentation will be the major source for evaluation. Your will turn in one drive copy and one printed copy of your presentation with all group members names printed at the top.





A disk copy and printed copy (notes pages view) are turned in on time and labeled properly.



Presentation is based on research from 5 articles, 2 of which are from professional journals.



Presentation shows an understanding of the information of the selected educational topic. Major positions of each article are clearly explained.



There is a bibliography prepared on a word processor. The bibliography follows APA style and is appropriately formatted with at least one graphic.



Presentation is arranged in a logical format that is easy to follow.



Presentation utilizes an effective screen design including effective use of graphics, transitions, and builds and is free from spelling errors.



Notes page view is printed and provides adequate information for a 25minute presentation.







Merryellen Towey Schulz, Ph.D         College of Saint Mary              Spring Semester, 2000

Adapted from Karen Milligan


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