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Technology Self Assessment

Education 201

Technology and Instructional Materials in the Classroom



Part 1

At the beginning of the course you wrote a journal describing your opinion of your abilities and experiences with technology up to that time and included goals for what you planned to achieve in this course.  Now it is the end of the term and you need to evaluate your progress in regard to that journal.  To do this, using Microsoft Word, create a chart of the activities you completed this term and describe your current proficiency in each task.

 Sample Progress Chart



Related Learning Activities

Self-Assessment of Skill

Power Point

Learn to use Power Point for use in class presentations and teaching..

Created small Power Point slide show with animation, sound effects, good use of color and design, and inserted of graphics.

Created and presented research findings on Technology and Education using Power Point.

Partial Mastery

Possible assessment terms could include:  Mastery, Partial Mastery, Improved Proficiency, Awareness

Part 2

Reflection:  Write a paragraph describing your growth as a user of technology and predict how you will use technology in your intended career.

Send the completed evaluation to Dr. Schulz as an email attachment.


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