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Computer Skills Checklist

This a checklist of basic operating skills for Windows 95 Operating Systems. You and your partner are to complete the checklist in class.  Copy the checklist below to a Word file which you will save with your name and skills, for example:  mschulz skills.doc.  Perform the tasks for your partner.  Your partner will mark the checklist by changing the bullet to a checkmark.  If there are items you are unable to do, work with your partner or ask the instructor for help to learn how to do them.  If you are unable to complete all of the skills tonight, turn in the attachment with the file showing what you are able to do and work to complete the checklist by class time next week.

Windows 95 Operating System

Part I: Managing the Desktop

q          work with windows

q          see contents of hard drive, disk, folder

q          create a folder

q          get information about a file

q          create a shortcut

q          change the file or folder name

q          format a disk

q          eject a disk

q          use the Start Bar

q          shut down the computer

Part 2 Working With Files

Managing Files

q          save a file

q          open a file

q          copy a file

q          delete a file

q          make a backup copy of a disk

q          change the file type


Merryellen Towey Schulz, Ph.D.  College of Saint Mary  Spring,2000