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Treasure Hunt


A Treasure Hunt is a type of Internet activity in which students use a list of internet sources to find information about a specific topic. Treasure Hunts can be created by teachers as learning activities that help students use the Internet effectively to find information and meet learning objectives. Students can also be assigned to create Treasure Hunts on topics they are studying, and then share them with their peers. After a topic has been selected, either by the student or teacher, a Treasurer Hunt begins with brainstorming a list of words related to a particular topic. Using good searching and evaluating strategies relevant sites are located and compiled into a list with the URL, title, and brief description of each site.  Questions are written that can be answered by exploring the web sites on the resource list. To encourage critical thinking, the Treasure Hunt ends with a BIG question that requires students to synthesize a response from answers to the previous questions.

Before learning to design a Treasure Hunt work through the Example of a Treasure Hunt with a partner.

Treasure Hunts can be created by anyone with any web editor; however, for this course, you are going to create a Treasure Hunt using Filamentality, which is "a fill-in-the-blank interactive Web site that guides you through picking a topic, searching the Web, gathering good Internet sites, and turning Web resources into activities appropriate for learners.

There is a Teacher's Guide at the site that can help you in organizing your Treasure Hunt.