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Treasure Hunt Assignment


  1. Choose a topic that you will use in your intended teaching career.


  1. Conduct a search using the techniques you learned last week.


  1. Keep a resource list of the 10 sites that are most useful.


  1. Write 10 questions related to your topic that can be answered with information found at the sites on the resource list.  


  1. Write a BIG question for your Treasure Hunt that requires students to think about their answers to the 10 questions and draw conclusions or synthesize responses from the information.


  1. Go to the Filamentality site and create your Treasure Hunt.  Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page to save or "spin" as it directs.  Save the login and password information.


  1. Complete all the parts of your Treasure Hunt.


  1. In the text box where you describe your Treasure Hunt, include student learning objectives.


  1. Create a Word document named thunt.htm.


1.  Hyperlink the site for your Treasure Hunt to the words "Treasure Hunt" at the top of your page. 

2.  Write the answers to your questions below the URL.  

3.  Edit your homepage to hyperlink Treasure Hunt to your thunt.htm file.