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Web Page Basics

Using Word 97




Open Microsoft Word


1.   Create a Title Bar by centering and typing your name at the top of the page.

o      Make the type larger and change the color using the tools on the tool bar or in Format.

o      Save the document as index.html.  To do this click on file and go to Save as HTML (it may say Save as Web Page).  Be sure you are saving onto your disk on the A drive.

o      When saving any files for your web page use lower case letters and no spaces.


2.   In a smaller font, write an introduction to your page, describing yourself and something about your project.  SAVE.  Format your text so that it is attractive and easy to read. SAVE


3.   Write a title for the next section which is the table of assignments you will be submitting on your web page.  Place your cursor in the center of the page.

o      Create the table by going to the toolbar at the top of the page and clicking on the table button.  Highlight 2 columns and 6 rows and click on them.  This will place the table on your page.

o      Type the name of an assignment in each box.

Comptuer Terms Database Web Quest
Print Shop Sign Lesson Plans

o      SAVE


4.    Add a "mail to" by spacing down a few inches on your page.  Type the words "e-mail me" (or something similar).

o      Capture a graphic (directions follow) from a clipart collection or from my page and insert it above "e-mail me."

o      To capture a graphic choose an image from a clip art source or from another web page.  Right click on the image.  In the window that opens, name the image something recognizable.  Save it to the image folder on your disk in drive A.

o      To insert the image, place the cursor where you want the image to appear on your page.  Go to the insert image button on the toolbar.  Use the BROWSE window to locate the image in your image file in drive A.  Click on the image file.  Click on OK.  The image will now appear on your page.  You can move it or resize it by clicking on the image and moving it or using the anchors in the corners to resize it. SAVE


5.   Add a background to your page.  Remember that the background is also an image file which will have to be uploaded.  You may use a background in Word found in Format or capture one from a collection.


6.   Hyperlink your mail to and your first assignment box in the table above.

o      Right click on the mail to image.  Click on Hyperlink.  Another window will open.  Again click on Hyperlink.  On the line that says "link to" type (or arrow down) to the words mail to: followed by your email address.  Mine looks like this:  Click on OK.  SAVE

o       Right click on the first assignment.  Click on Hyperlink in both windows until you get to the hyperlink window.  On the line that says "link to" type database.htm.  click OK. SAVE


You are ready to upload your home page!


Uploading to Tripod


1.   Go to and log in.  Do not go to your web page. 

2.   Click on File Manager. 

3.   Click on the blue arrow.  An uploading window will open.

4.   Click on BROWSE.  Locate your files. 

5.   Click on database.htm and open it.  It will automatically go to your tripod upload window. 

6.   Click on BROWSE again and locate your image files for this page.  Upload those in the same way.

7.   Click UPLOAD in the upper right corner.  Your files will upload.  Leave the upload window.

8.   Go to your web site with Netscape and check that your files uploaded correctly.


If you need to make changes on your page, return to Word, make corrections, save, and close the file.  Complete the uploading process again making sure to click on the overwrite box.




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