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Formatting draft due: February 19, 1999 (3:00 P.M.)

Link check due: March 6, 1999 (3:00 P.M.)

Initial complete draft due: April 2, 1999 (12:00 P.M.)

Ready for Practicum: April 14 (12:00 P.M.)

Final page due: May 3, 1999 (12:00 P.M.)


Criteria for Web Site Design Project

Responsibility 5 possible All deadlines met
Layout / Design 20 possible Page is well organized with tables. Text spacing and alignment make reading easy. The backgrounds enhance the page. Use color, italicization, bolding, line breaks, numbering and/or bullets.
Text 15 No spelling or grammar errors. Fonts easily are readable.
Graphics (minimum 3) 15 possible Photos, icons, and clip art are used creatively and follow theme.


  1. Topical graphics
  2. Data
  3. Images of yourselves
  4. Digital or scanned photos of your class
Information 20 possible Information is creatively written and cleverly presented.


  1. Description of yourselves
  2. Teaching Unit/Lesson Plans (combined sets)
  3. Information about your practicum class
  4. Student work (Include only first names of students)
Navigation / Links

Teacher links – minimum 5 each subject

Content links – minimum 5

15 possible Links are created with images and icons to enhance the text links. Links all work.
Mailto/back to 5 possible A link to your e-mail addresses
Wesleyan and Meadowlane Logos 5 possible Placed on web page
TOTAL 100 possible  



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