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Holiday Assignment


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Class does not meet November 21 or November 30 so you will have plenty of time to complete this assignment.

Submit your work to Dr. Schulz as a single email attachment.  Due December 4th.

Read the first four articles linked to the Holidays lesson.

Write a summary (no more than one page) of the articles reflecting on how the information might apply to your intended teaching practice.

Create a checklist to use as a guide in designing lessons that recognize holidays in your future classroom. Align your checklist with the state social studies standards.

Explore the last two links (or others that you find) on the Holidays page and choose an activity you could use in your future teaching practice.  Explain your choice of this activity and show how it meets the criteria included in the checklist you created.

Combine the summary, checklist, and activity into one file and send as an email attachment to Dr. Schulz.  Be sure to include any Internet links and cite references.

Print a hard copy of your checklist and activity and include in your resource file.


 email Dr. Schulz

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