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Teacher Tools
Daily Lesson Plan from New York Times
Problem of the Week

Number Systems

Virtual Manipulatives

Pattern Blocks 3-D Solids
Fractions NCTM Activities
Fractions Number Lines and Circles Graphing

Math and Literature

Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site Education World
NCTM Book List  
Nebraska State Department of Education State Standards

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

National Standards
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators Excellent Resource for Teachers Huge List of Useful Math Sites Online Mancala Games
Shapes within Shapes Origami and Quilts
Multicultural Math Fair Multicultural Math Lessons
Math Links Hands-on Lessons, Games, Activities
Place Values Good Place Value Activity
Number Expo Home Express numbers three ways
Math Forum Math Resources by Subject

Assessment Sites

Authentic Assessment  
Assessing Julia's Counting Skills Good example of 1:1 assessment
ENC Assesment Eisenhower National Clearinghouse on Assessment
Rubric Construction Online software for creating various levels of rubrics
Rubric Exemplars Examples of math rubrics
Sample Assessment Tasks Examples of authentic assessment
Glossary Authentic assessment terms


Investigations NCTM Games


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