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Assessment Project

EDU 355

Teaching Elementary/Middle Level Math


In SMART you will plan, teach, and reflect on an inquiry project with your students.



Help children identify inquiry questions and see the importance of these questions to the topic being studied

Help children learn how to plan a project or method of problem solving and/or data collecting in response to their questions

Help children learn to summarize and present the results of the project

Assess what children have learned



Pose problem or questions

Collect data

Summarize data

Draw conclusions



Reflect on how students respond to the project

Take field notes

Reflect on student interactions

Reflect on your teaching

Discuss the project with 2 students (one should be your case study)

Write an assessment of the project

        Numerical assessment of student learning

        Describe what went as planned, what surprised you, what you would do differently, what you will do next


Scoring Rubric


Fieldnotes 2 points

Reflections on teaching 2 points

Reflections on students 2 points


Numerical 2 points

Descriptive 2 points


MTS College of Saint Mary Spring, 2001