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What Is a Home Page?

A home page is the first page of a web site that makes information available on the World Wide Web.

What You Need:

How To Make an HTML Document

        Web Editor

A web editor is a kind of software that creates HTML documents. There are free editors available on the Internet, including those in Netscape,,, and AOL. Microsoft Front Page, Adobe Pagemill, and Norton Net Objects Fusion are examples of commercially produced web editor software. For this class you will produce some of your projects in Microsoft Word and save them as HTML to upload the files to your web site. Other projects will be created with software that is capable of saving your work in HTML.


Images include all pictures, and backgrounds that you use to make your web page attractive and useful. Images are available from many sources on the Web and from software such as Print Shop. It is ethical to site the source of images when possible. To capture an image from the web, right click on the image, then on "Save image as" and save the image to your folder named "Images." Be sure to name the file so that you will know what it is when you want to use it.


Links to more information about creating web pages.


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