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Lesson Planning


The purpose of this activity is to provide students the opportunity to apply the use of computers and related technology to support instruction in grade levels and subject areas appropriate to intended careers. After examining some examples of technology intensive activities, students will develop a set of activities and resources that could be used to integrate technology into a specific content area and grade level. You have a choice of working in pairs or individually.


In this lesson we will examine some good examples of activities that use technology, specifically the Internet. Following is a link to a special web page that provides an introduction and overview as well as links to other resources pages.

To make the most efficient use of class time, use the following questions to guide your exploration of the Internet Teaching Strategies Page.

1.      What makes up a lesson?



2.    What are 2 purposes for using the Internet in instruction?



3.    What are activity structures?



4.    List 3 examples of activity structures that use the Internet as a means of communication.




5.    What are 3 categories of Internet teaching activities that use the Internet as an Information Source?




6.    Describe the following terms:

1.      Web Quest

2.    Filamentality

3.    Track Star

4.    Learning Circle

5.    Virtual Field Trip

6.    Guided Tour

7.    Scavenger Hunt


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Merryellen Towey Schulz, Ph.D.                        College of Saint Mary               Spring, 2000