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Web Quest Assignment


You and your partner are a teaching team who are creating learning activities for unit of study in your classrooms.  As part of the study you will involve your students in a Web Quest in which they will explore information on the Internet and use it to perform tasks that require higher order thinking skills.  To create the Web Quest you will take advantage of the excellent materials provided for teachers at the Web Quest Page.


1.    Review the Building Blocks of a Web Quest.


2.    Follow the Design Process provided at the site.


3.    Read about many purposeful student tasks and choose those that best meet the needs of the study.


4.    Copy and paste Bernie Dodge's template into your webquest.htm page.  Use this template to create a Web Quest that you will implement in your intended practicum, student teaching and teaching experiences. Save!  If you feel adventurous you may use one of the more elaborate templates provided.


5.    Complete the steps of the design process. 


6.    Self-evaluate your Web Quest using the rubric provided by Bernie Dodge.  Add 20 points to your score to make it compatible with the requirements for this course. Copy the rubric and send as an attachment to your instructor.  Dodge's rubric allows for a total of 30 points.  Complete the rubric and send the points and they will be adjusted for the course value.


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