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Case Study


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The purpose of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to develop and apply some of the basic principles outlined in class to a case study related to teaching math in your SMART Lab classroom. The concept is that you will take some of the principles related to teaching and learning math that we have discussed and apply them to a  situation in a SMART Lab classroom.  Successful completion of this assignment requires you to move beyond the specifics of the situation and apply general principles.  

Write a summary of your observations of a student in your SMART Lab class and a conclusion that includes your recommendations for the student's continued progress or remediation in math.  Consider what you have learned in 
this course about various ways of learning math as you write about this child's needs.


Your case study must include the following:

Summary of Important Facts. Describe in a logical order the most important facts of the case.   Include description of:

bulletlearning activities
bulletinterventions you used with the student
bulletbehavior/interactions with peers and teachers
bulletparent contact

 Problem. Clearly state any problem that needed to be addressed in this child's math learning.  Make a statement detailing why you chose this student as the subject of your case study. 

 Analysis. This is the critical segment of the case study.  Organize your analysis according to the basic issues in the case.   In this section please demonstrate that you understand basic principles related to the role of teachers and schools.  An objective approach is required.  State clearly any assumptions you are making and any reservations you have about your analysis.  Your analysis should lead clearly to your recommendations.

 Accommodating Individual Needs. Your analysis and recommendations sections must demonstrate how you  accommodated individual needs of this student.

 Recommendations. Based on your analysis and issues of individual needs, outline the steps that you think should be taken to deal with the issue(s) in the case.  It is not necessary for you to re-state general principles here but your recommendations should follow clearly from the application of principles in the analysis section.

The case study needs to have a logical flow, be easy to read, and be free of grammatical and spelling errors.   Your case study should be typed and double-spaced.

Append Field Notes 

Though the above looks like a lot to write, you paper should not be longer that two pages (not including field notes).  You did not have time or resources to do an in-depth case study.

Links to sample case studies (not necessarily math) 

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