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Investigating Math


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Learning math is also fun and exciting when it is accomplished through investigations that students conduct to explore the processes and discover the rules (yes rules) that comprise mathematical knowledge.  Understanding is achieved through reflection and sharing of ideas and concepts discovered through investigation.

According to NCREL (North Central Regional Educational Laboratory), 
Mathematically Significant Learning Experiences include:

bulletHands-on, involving students in really doing mathematics - experimenting first-hand with physical objects in the environment and having concrete experience before learning abstract mathematical concepts
bulletMinds-on, focusing on the core concepts and critical thinking processes needed for students to create and re-create mathematical concepts and relationships in their own minds
bulletAuthentic, allowing students to explore, discover, discuss, and meaningfully construct mathematical concepts and relationships in contexts that involve real-world problems and projects that are relevant and interesting to the learner.

Constructivist principals essential to the teaching and learning of mathematics are described at the NCREL site.  Please read the concise summaries found at the following links:

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Reflective Learning
Engage Actively in Learning Mathematics

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