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Basic Skills Review


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At College of Saint Mary the Windows Operating System is used on all computers.  Please review your basic skills for this operating system.  Understanding and competence with these skills is essential to your success in this course.  If there are items you do not recall how to do or do not know how to do, please ask for help.  When you have completed all the tasks below, copy the checklist into a word file and send as an attachment to Dr. Schulz.

  • 1. Work with windows - Move a window, resize a window, make a window active.

  • 2. See contents of the hard drive, a floppy disk, or a folder.

  • 3.Explain and use Windows Explorer

  • 4. Create a folder.

  • 5. Change the file or folder name.

  • 6. Get information about a file.

  • 7. Explain what a shortcut is and demonstrate how to create a shortcut.

  • 8. Open an application.

  • 9. Save a file. 

  • 10,  Change the location of file and save.

  • 11. Open a file 2 ways.

  • 12. Copy a file.

  • 13. Delete a file.

  • 14. Make a backup copy of a disk.

  • 15. Send an email attachment.


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