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Please write a journal in which you introduce yourself and complete a self-assessment of your computer skills.  Use Word to type your journal and send to Dr. Schulz as an email attachment before the beginning of class next week.  I suggest that you copy this page and paste it into a word file to use as an outline in writing your journal.  Keep the journal in your files to use with your self-evaluation at the end of the term.

 Part 1 - Introduction
Begin with these lines:

  • Name
  • Class level
  • Current Address
  • Local Phone (if you work please include a work phone)
  • E-mail address

Next use these topics as a guide to describe yourself in a paragraph

  • Hometown and Family
  • Education background
  • Teaching work experience (if applicable)
  • Feelings about technology
  • Your aspirations upon graduation from college
  • Any other information you would like me to know about you

Part 2 - Computer Skills Self Assessment
This part of the journal will help me understand your computer skills and also will help you when you look back at the end of the term to reflect on how much you have learned. Please answer the following questions. If you don't know an answer, that is all right. You will not be graded on how many questions you answer correctly (see rubric below). DO NOT look up answers you do not know; just write, "I don't know."

1.       What kind of computers have you used?

2.     What kind of computer do you have access to besides those in the lab?

3.     What software have you used?

4.     What is operating system software?

5.     What is application software?

6.     What are two key terms used in describing databases?

7.     What is the World Wide Web and how do you access it?

8.     What is PowerPoint?

9.     What is a web site? If you have one, give the URL.

10.  Describe 4 ways that technology is used in the classroom?

 Part 3 - Learning Plan

Describe what you expect to learn in this course and on which areas you feel you need to focus most intently. 

Scoring Rubric.


Always (2)

Sometimes (1)

Never (0)

Responses are written in complete sentences




Professional presentation (grammar, spelling, punctuation)




A response was made to all questions




File is named correctly




The file was copied correctly




File is saved correctly




File is attached correctly




Plan for learning included




File was received on time




CSM email is activated







 email Dr. Schulz

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