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Below are possible topics for your inquiry project.  They are derived from papers written by other students of children's literature courses.  These are suggestions only, meant to give you an idea of acceptable inquiries.  You may write on any topic you choose in response to questions you have about children and literature.

bulletThe Utility of Nonsense Word Play in Linguistic Development: Dr. Seuss and the Beginning Reader
bulletWriting the Lost Dream: Autobiography in L. M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables Series
bullet Good Witches in Childrens Literature
bulletRussian Childrens Literature
bulletThe Evaluation of Four Series Written for Children About Individual Artists
bulletCensorship, Sinsorship, or Sense-rship?
bulletThe Night Before Christmas: A Comparison of Four Picture Book Editions
bulletBaba Yaga: A Wicked Witch or a Heros Mischievous Helper?
bulletPhoto-Illustration and Photography in Picture Books
bulletPeter Rabbit, Old Story, New Format: Better, Worse, or Just Different
bulletHow Children's Literature Reflects Children's Experiences of the Holocaust
bulletThe Magic Kingdom: Walt Disney's Animated Fairy Tale Films 
bulletThe Little House Series and The American Girl Series: A Contrast in Historical Fiction
bulletCommon Characteristics Among Four of the Lost Girls in Young Adult Literature
bulletAmericas Evolving Attitutde Towards War: 6 Novels in 6 Decades
bulletThe Image of Redheads in Childrens Books
bulletGary Paulsen's Nightjohn
bulletA Two-Week Unit on the Holocaust for Young Adults
bulletIssues of History in the Little House and Beyond
bulletConquering New Worlds: A Comparison of Three Characters
bulletChildren and the Digital Library: A Discussion
bulletNarrative and Self in the Ramona, Anastasia, and Alice series
bulletNarnia, Gender, and the Child Appeal of Fantasy Writing Humor for Children
bulletThe Mothers of Disney
bulletJust Jackets (book covers)
bulletArthur Appeal: A Survey of Second Graders Reading Marc Browns Series
bulletLet the Children Read: A Brief History of the Founding of Library Services
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