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With this class we are trying a new format in which students and instructor will meet for three weekends, one in each of the months of August, September and October.  This format is being used to meet the scheduling needs of busy students who want to become elementary and middle school teachers.

The schedule is flexible and the activities and lessons may change to meet the needs of the students and instructor.

August 25 - 27 Welcome to "Hogwarts"
Introductions - Syllabus
Good Books/History
Newbery, Caldecott, Golden Sower
Children's Literature and the Internet 
Inspiration Software (Lab 217)
Begin Database of books read and Internet sites
Text Part One, Chapters 1 - 5
Book Discussions
Service Project
September 21 - 22 Categories of Children's Literature
Book Talks
Political and Social Issues
Inquiry Project
Literature Lessons & Activities
Sources on the WWW (Lab 217)
Text Part Two, Chapters 6 - 16
Critiques Due for non-presenters

Friday - Picture Books
Multicultural Literature

Saturday - Modern Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Poetry, Informational Books

October 13 - 15 The Classroom
Reading to Children
Classroom Library
(Lab 217)
Text Part Three, Chapters 17 - 22
Critiques Due for non-presenters
Friday - Contemporary Realistic Fiction
Saturday - Traditional Fantasy, Biography
Service Project Reflections Due
Database Due
October 27   Inquiry Project Due


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