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Assignment:  Each student will be responsible for a one-and-a-half to two-hour presentation on one of the categories (genres) of children's literature studied in class.  The purpose of this presentation is not only to describe the category, but to conduct a workshop  illustrating methods for using the genre in the classroom.  Each presentation will include:  


reading of at least one book or part of a book;


lesson teaching about the genre, including answers to the following questions:  
bulletWhat makes quality literature in each genre?
bulletWhat are the literary elements for each genre?
bulletWho are outstanding authors in each genre?
bulletWho are outstanding illustrators in each genre?
bulletHow do the artistic elements impact the contribution of illustrations to the overall quality of a book in the genre?


activities integrating the book(s) into the curriculum


copies of plans and resources for class members.

You may use any means of delivery you choose, including hands-on activities, Power Point, video, etc., keeping in mind that engaged students learn best.




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